Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It was a Stupidly Hard Detox

That lasted just under a week!

I felt SO bad, so listless, so achy, so irritable, so LIFELESS that when I told the doctor how I was feeling she thought I had the flu and told me to stop the MediClear shakes but continue the elimination diet.

But...the whole reason she wanted me to DO this was for the detox...not to see if I was allergic to anything!

So that night after explaining it to Matt and barely nibbling at our boring dinner and lying on the couch (as I had been for 6 days), Matt took Roy on a walk and proceeded to text me, "So, want me to order a pizza?"

It took me 2.6 seconds to decide that YES. I wanted a PIZZA. GLUTEN. DAIRY. TOMATOES. PEPPERONI. I want it ALLL!

And Matt picked up a 6 pack of beer to boot.

And by the next morning I was completely recovered.

Glory glory hallelujah!

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